Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Right Advantage

In a previous post, I outlined how taking the advantage whenever possible can be directly beneficial to anybody. In my mistake, I forgot to disclose a different form of advantages.

First off, taking advantage of something causes disadvantages for anyone else. It's a natural balance of life, whether anyone likes it or not. However, there are disadvantages to people that can prove truly harmful to them; whether it be relationships, finances, or emotionally. These are important to notice, because they show that you care. Try to be weary of these situations because they really will effect you in the future.

Advantages to look for are ones that will prove useful to you, and won't harm anyone that you know. Unless you enjoy that sort of thing, I wouldn't advise anyone taking advantage of family, close friends, or work partners. Those are the people that make you who you are, there isn't many reasons to disrupt that. Playful advantages are fine though, of course.

In the end it is just about being aware of which advantages you're taking, and whether or not they are worth taking. Some advantages are worth less than others, and some of course are worth more. Find what's right for you, and don't partake advantages just because someone else did it. Make the advantages your own! And remember to be wary of the advantages, there will always be another opportunity, it is whether you find it or not.

For more information on Advantages, refer to my previous post Advantageous Knowledge. Thanks guys for the continued support!


Sorry for no recent updates. I've been on the road all week and some family members in Oregon that I haven't seen in over a decade dropped by (I'm in Southern California, it is a really long drive). I'll provide more posts again though, and as always will comment/'click' on your blogs for those who follow. It has been absolutely hectic with school around the corner, but figured I'd post at least some sort of an update! I haven't given up!


  1. Hey man, love your in depth posts. I'm still thinking about advantage, and the mindset necessary to recognize (let alone seize) them.

  2. In these times you have to take advantage of every opportunity

  3. If you don't take advantage, nothing will change in your life.

  4. I agree with just about everything you said. very insightful.

  5. I would replace the word advantage with "opportunity", it is in my opinion more appropriate to personal development

  6. Do have to take those advantages when they come along, just got to make sure they aren't really traps in disguise.

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