Sunday, July 31, 2011

Infinity, Incredible, Immeasurable

One of the most interesting things about life is the ability to learn. Whether it be a mistake that was made, a lesson from a teacher or mentor, or even if it was from the self, there is always something to learn out in the world.

The most interesting concepts that I came across this weekend was learning how to teach. The idea of teaching seems very easy, bland, and at some points boring. However, with real experience in doing so, it is one of the most difficult tasks I have ever had to do in my lifetime. The teachings that I present are not of the normal education system, but rather the realm of Martial Arts, whether it be philosophical or physical. Either way, the ideas and concepts are very difficult to pass forward into a new student.

I find the more I teach, the more I learn about what I am teaching. It's a fair trade-off, and has made me curious about what my K-12 teachers experience when they are instructing everyone through Mathematics, Language, History, and Sciences.

The main purpose to this post is to illustrate that there is no such person that knows everything as long as time is present. In each subject, there is an infinite amount of information into account. Whether it's Quantum Mechanics into Physics, Number Theory or varieties of it in Mathematics, or understanding situations of when to use a particular technique in Martial Arts, there is always a vast amount to learn.

This weekend has enabled me to learn so much about another important aspect of life. The ability to pass information on to another being through visual, audio, or kin esthetic varieties. I believe it is important, and will be forever important for anybody due to family experiences, passing on with generations, and having a student or accomplice to teach for.

Monday, July 25, 2011

An Inclusion of Thoughts

What makes a person create their own blog? Whether it be for fun, frustration, or even funds is all a curiosity to be seen from other bloggers. To make this more separable from other blogs, it is my decision to include the ideas from what I've learned from day by day into my posts. Although it may become difficult from time to time, the necessity of being different than other blogs is a goal I wish to achieve.

Learning is an infinite process of which the mind possesses an extreme amount of knowledge for humanity to utilize in any matter possible. As days, weeks, and years pass on, I challenge myself to a processing of finding what I have learned each day. I feel if it I learned something significant, that day was a productive day.

So what did I learn today someone might ask. Well, I've began to understand some basic physics properties after understanding single variable calculus and how it applies to physics. But other than that because I was just reading a textbook that a friend gave, I learned that some people are so closed minded that changing what their perception is of an idea is very difficult. However, with enough persistence and diligence, there is a chance to change a person's viewpoint on a given subject. It's worth giving a try, especially if the idea the person has is based on a negative response -- better off turning it into a positive reaction! Be warned though, as it is NOT a worthwhile investment to explicitly force someone into your own ideas or beliefs. From experience this leads to irritation and frustration.

Well, that is all for now, I have many new concepts and ideas to learn for the next day!