Saturday, August 27, 2011

Always a Winner

Becoming a winner isn't always about victory. It could be about what you gained from the experience. It could be meeting a goal, or finishing a task before a deadline. A winner is a person who sees their own positive results and gains, and embraces them in a humble spirit.

Staying positive and having great humility requires a great deal of discipline, patience, and diligence. It is without a doubt a strong attribute to have in a person's personality, as with experience, it has allowed me to become acquainted with many great individuals.

Looking at a loss is only what you make of it. Whether it be a chess game, a huge tournament in the finals, or a MMA Titlebout, if you learn nothing from the loss, then consider it a true defeat. This in turn is a result of thinking negatively, and getting the negative energy reciprocated from the occurrence of this thought process. Deal with the idea that if you lose, it is only because you feel that you lost. Stay positive and try to find something you can improve on.

A victory can be looked as something to learn from for the future. Seeing this mindset, you're always a viable champion. There are times of frustration in a loss, but as long as you're able to take that anger away and focus on what you can do to do better next time, that alone can change you into a victor of the event. Everyone makes mistakes, its important to recognize these mistakes though to follow up on them and correct those mistakes.

While a winner can be defined victorious, a winner can also be a loser as well. Someone that wins without learning anything or by being arrogant is nothing short of defeat. Always be wary of your surroundings, environment, and attitude towards victories. It is never positive to become arrogant, and this will prove to show that you've only been defeated in the long run.

I delayed this post until after UFC 134 to reflect on some of the fights that happened tonight and how they reacted after winning. While some overreacted and had the need to backflip from the cage (really? was that necessary?), some took the wins as a great goal achieved and are now able to move even further in their paths. Another aspect to pay attention to are the people who lost their fights tonight. While some just walked off in anger (defeat), some shook hands and congratulated the victors, being wholly humble and you can bet they will be studying what they learned from the event.

Stay humble people! It can help us all become winners if we look at the situations in our lives optimistically! 


  1. very insightful post. The only winners are those who can beat their ego. Very nice blog, followed.

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  3. Much like Charlie Sheen, i am always winning.

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