Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Destiny or Choice

There are many times in the life of a human being that people must make important decisions in their time span. Decisions that lead to either success or failure to that given person. In deciding what a person wants or wants to go towards, goals bring a sense of life or hope to what a person should work for.

Always have a goal set in mind. To live with goals creates a purposeful line of work to do towards that goal. This allows for a more hopeful set of mind rather than a mind without purpose. Another reason why its important to set goals is to remember the experiences while reaching that goal. If it was a long and big goal, the reward feels so much better when reached. This same feeling exists in small goals, but probably not to the level of excitement in a big one.

Try to set at least one goal per day. For example, I set many goals all of the time during my life. If cleaning the room was my plan for the day, that can be a goal. A small goal can still be considered a goal. If pursuing towards a Ph.D degree with only a year in college was wanted, that should be your goal. Now I don't mean for everyone to go get Ph.D's, but I mean that if you have a large goal in mind, but only a small step towards it, continue pursuing and don't let anything stop you from reaching it. There are always obstacles and barriers blocking our paths to our goals in some way, but its finding the holes in those blocks and barriers to get through to this goal. More on holes in a future post.

There are people in the world however who feel that it is worth cheating to reach their goal. I feel this takes away from the actual experience itself and makes the endpoint less satisfying. Be legit, feel legit!

The basic mindset is to have a goal, and to pursue that goal no matter what it takes. Even if the goal feels unrealistic, the journey and experiences to that goal may create a learning experience that nobody can ever take away from you. With courage and dedication, those goals that you, I, and everyone else makes can eventually flourish. Remember to not take away from the experience, but to enjoy and live through it -- optimism will come in handy in this goal-fulfilling quest.

Some of these ideas that I post are pretty well known thoughts, but I thought I'd reinforce the concept to maybe introduce a goal to somebody that they weren't thinking of until reading this today. I do have future ideas for more analytical posts, but I hope this was a joyful one. Maybe I'll put in something about finding the holes in not just yourself, but other perceptions as well. Thanks guys for all the support!


  1. everybody choose their own destiny.

  2. Part of me always seems to view things from a fatalistic, destiny type mindset. I think it might just be because I hate responsibility. lol

  3. Goal set for the day: shower. GOAL ACHIEVED!!! :D I am such an ambitious person! hehehe. Great discussion, btw. Ph.d's are expensive and overrated anyhow. :O

  4. Good idea.
    Big Goal: Take over the world!
    Small Goal: Make coffee
    Medium/big Goal: Actually finish my readings for university this week.

  5. more true words have never been typed. i've actually been putting these words of wisdom in life lately and i'm much happier :) i love feeling legit!

  6. You said it. Goals are a big part of life. Without them, you just float on. But some people dig that. To each his own.

  7. Goals are important to have, they can be tough to reach though.

  8. Yeah, the journey to accomplishing the goal is as important as the goal itself.
    Nice post

  9. Of Pericles, to rage the city turn, Following!